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The Back Story

Andy and Holly were born and raised in Canandaigua and have continued the tradition with raising their children here. It's not only a wonderful place to raise a family but also to own a business.


Andy has over 20 year experience in both Residential and Commercial construction. He started out at Alfred State College in Business Construction and quickly learned he had talent and a great passion for the industry. From building a home in Homerama to the pool expansion at Victor Schools, he can manage/build a project of any scope or size.


It seems he was destined for this career path at a very young age.  Andy's mom tells a story of when Andy was 11 and they were having a new roof put on their house. The workers were leaving for the day and Andy overheard them tell his Mom that they just needed to install the bathroom vent and then they could complete the shingles.  After they left, he climbed the ladder and installed the vent himself. The next day the workers asked who had done it.  Andy's mom apologized that her son had climbed up there. They said, “Huh, he did a great job!”  It was then that everyone knew he would be building things one day.


Holly also knew from an early age that designing was her passion. She can remember as a little girl walking into a room and saying “I would change that to this and take this wall out, etc.” After completing her design degree however, she fell into the same position as many other young adults- following a different career path and NOT doing what ignites her passion everyday.  Now Holly is excited to get back to what she loves to do.


After much planning and discussion, Holly and Andy realized that together they really have something.  We have a total solution for our customers from the early stages of design to full construction completion.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to work side by side doing what we love- helping people make their house a home.


Andy and Holly currently reside in Canandaigua with their children and dog Macy (who is such a love.)


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